Soan Papdi Smoth & Soft 200gm

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1. It is made from sugar, flour, gram flour, milk and ghee
2. Packed in a well-maintained condition
3. It can be stored in any weather condition.
4. Net weight: 200 gm
5. Food energy:30 kcal.
6. Made in India

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Soan Papdi is a popular Indian dessert widely known as Patisa, San Papdi, or Son papdi. It is also popular among the Bangladeshi people. It is originated in the Indian state of Maharashtra and spreads rapidly in the state of Gujarat, Panjab, and Rajasthan. It is also estimated that Uttar Pradesh is the birthplace of this sweet dish. It is also widely popular in Pakistan.
Soan Papdi is low sugar food and therefore any person of any age can have this food. Soan Papdi does not have any trans-fat. So, it is completely healthy food. It has a huge number of calories that can fulfill the appetite of a person. Especially the grown-up children should have this kind of food as it has a huge amount of protein. It is suitable for any kind of a festival like Eid, Puja, Christmas, or anything like that.


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