Casio FX-9860GIII Scientific & Graphical Calculator

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  • Key – Plastic keys
  • Type – Scientific & Graphing Calculator
  • Memory – 62,000 Bytes + 3M Bytes

Casio FX-9860GIII

Scientific & Graphing Calculator

Dot Matrix Display

62,000 Bytes + 3M Bytes

12 Digits

Plastic keys

Number of Functions
Over 2900 Functions

175.5 x 83.5 x 18.7mm
Basic Function: Basic Mathematical Functions (Trigonometric, Exponential logarithmic, etc.), Table Generation (You can create a numerical table based on that expression by registering a function expression. In addition, graph functions can be represented by graphs.), Data Logger (You can obtain data log of scientific experiments.). Quartiles and List display functions for speedy and thorough learning). Base-n calculation, List based STAT-data editor (Viewing and editing of input data in list format, showing data groups (x-data, y-data, frequency) and surrounding data.), Scientific Constants, Financial, Graphing, Vector, Differentiation & Integration, Spreadsheet, Connection to PC, Matrix and Equation Calculation. Metric conversion function (You can convert a number in one unit to a number in a different unit.), Complex number calculation, Suitable for AP, SAT, SAT Subject, PSAT, NMSQT, ACT & IB examinations. eActivity, Geometry, Pie chart, Bar graph, Spreadsheet and statistical plot, Numeric equation solver, Simultaneous equations, Polynomial equations. Financial functions, Programming, Examination Mode, Python, Catalog Function & Data communication. Graph – Rectangular coordinate graphing, Polar coordinate graphing. Parametric function graphing, Inequality graphing. Table and Graph. Dual graph (table and graph, graph and graph). Solve (root, minimum, maximum, intersection, integration). Dynamic graph, Conic section graph, Recursion graph. Statistics – Basic Statistics (Standard statistics functions such as Mean, SUM, Standard Deviation, and Regression). Intermediate Statistics (More statistical functions such as Paired-variable statistical calculation, Advanced Statistics (Support high level statistics by 7 kinds of advanced distribution calculation.). Statistical plot (scatter plot, xyLine, normal probability plot, histogram, box plot). Statistical regression graphs (linear, med-med, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logarithmic, exponential,power, sinusoidal, logistic regression). Advanced statistical calculations: tests, intervals, distributions.


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